Extensive research has shown that trust perception combines three psychological factors: competence, benevolence, and honesty. Considering that one of the most critical skills of a Manager (especially in the virtual world) is communication, you can’t build a culture of trust without being intentional about connecting with EACH of your teammates. And not just with teammates you like or know better or meet in person. 

Suppose you don’t compensate for virtual distance with an intentional mindset to make it a point (this should be a virtual work value) to over-communicate with fairness with everyone on your team. In that case, you run the risk of being perceived as incompetent. Pretty harsh, but good to know.

It’ll be even more critical in the coming months because by not working actively on the culture and belonging of employees in the virtual world, the best talents will have less attachment to the company and will leave faster than ever. Studies already predict the talent war will intensify as the pandemic ends in the coming months or years. 

For Managers, communication and listening talents, empathy, and overall being a great virtual coach are non-negotiable must-have soft skills for building trust. For the rest, integrity and good intention will finish the job for the best impact.

Geraldine Woloch-Addamine – Founder and CEO, Good4work