Reinventing Team Engagement

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Virtual management

Motivate your remote team without micromanaging

Reinventing Team Engagement & Inclusion to empower virtual Managers

Simplify your virtual management and inspire your team members

With routines, optimized workflow and work ethic. Structure all your people data into a fair assessment process to leverage your team performance.

Recognition and talent optimization processes

Learn more about the motivations, values and professional goals of your team members. Go a step further with a 360-degree overview of skills, and soft skills observable and recognized by peers, managers, internal or external customers.

Inspire with performance management habits

Simplify day-to-day management with quick performance conversations structured in a digital management log.

Provide a manager dashboard to make fair people decisions

Review the positive impact and the contribution of each team member within the overall performance of your team and identify the value they bring into the collective effort.

Motivate and empower your team with a strong and inclusive culture

Empower managers to foster a great virtual employee experience through consistent and positive interactions (routines).

Simplify your Team Engagement & foster a high-performing culture

All in one tool for team performance and work ethic.

Help team leaders build a fair culture.

Optimize workflow and tool integrations.

What People Are Saying

“Good4work is really great to keep up with the team to know what’s going on, it’s a way to find out about them and how to encourage them.”

Beatrice, CEO, San Francisco

“The best virtual Manager is the future of work, and it starts by bringing this humanity back in this increasingly and permanently, distributed world. Good4work is a great first step for this.”

Kamel, Account Manager, New York

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