For team leaders and their remote teams

You lead teams in Engineering, Sales, Product, Design, Marketing, HR, Finance, Administrative or creative roles. Congratulations, your job is hard but you are making things happen. You are our heroes and we want to support you to be the inspiring leader of your high-performing team. In the virtual world, you want to keep up with what you’ve been learning so far as a manager. We inspire you with best practices redesigned for the new environment.

Fundamentals of virtual management

  • Continuous feedback messaging and feedback templates
  • Real-time & multidirectional recognition

Culture Transformation

  • Enhance your team’s positive experience from day one to foster a culture of trust by sharing values, individual or collective strengths, and reinforcing expected positive behaviors.

Fair performance assessment

  • Management dashboard with a unique set of data for a 360 degree overview on individual and collective strengths

Optimized workflow

  • Organize your people data by category of messages connected to your corporate email
  • Connect with your favorite communication tool (Slack and Teams), CRM (Salesforce) or Project management tool (Jira).

How we help

For CEOs, VPs, Partners, Directors and HR people

You lead multiple teams in Engineering, Sales, Product, Design, Marketing, HR, Finance, Administrative or creative roles. Congratulations, you are the leaders and pioneers who can contribute to building a better virtual workspace.

For Team members, we promote self-accountability and work ethic for everyone
Well, it’s all about ensuring the best experience possible in virtual teams and we believe that it starts by making everyone contribute to collective performance with trust, self-accountability and fairness.

Good4work replaces a bunch of apps and cumbersome management processes


Your tools or processes for:
Modern performance management,
and change management.

Simple Pricing

Starts at $4 per person, per month.

Billed per team up to 20 people.

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No credit card required

  • 1 workspace up to 200 people and 10 teams*
  • 3rd party integrations for customized workflow w/Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • Team profiles and individual profiles w/values, motivations, strengths, and onboarding video
  • Multi-directional recognition w/ internal and external kudo process
  • Management dashboard for a fair performance assessment
  • Kudos library for skills and soft-skills w/definitions
  • Routines to provide feedback and coaching w/templates + real-time messaging connected to corporate email
  • Weekly goals
  • Unlimited history
  • Desktop and mobile application

* Small teams discount may apply. Talk to sales for the Pro option with more workspaces, teams and integrations.